DVD - Nasty Babes Oil Wrestling

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In the first part, Latifa is in the bedroom sitting on a pool canvas playing with oil. Soon after that Ravana arrives and calls her to go to the pool, which seems to be great. Latifa refuses to itand wants to do something else! She pulls Ravana to the canvas and they start wrestling with a lot of oil on their bodies. There are hair, breasts and pussy pulls and a lot of slaps in this fight. In the second part, Mary Castro is machinating a wild sex and taking too long to go to sleep. While Cristina waits for her calling her, Mary Castro hides a bottle of oil. She drops it on Cristina and slaps her. Cristina loves it and throws Mary Castro on the bed and does the same. They stain themselves wih oil and start slapping, pinching their pussies, making leg immobilization. Label: MFX Media. Obsadenie: Cristina, Mary Castro, Latifa, Ravana. Trvanie: cca. 64 minút.
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Výrobca: MFX Media

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